This is a new hosting company we are with. If you have registered with us in the past you need to register again.

If you have been issued a CDO license number in the past you will continue to use that! If you are new to CDO once you place your first tube order just put NEW in the license number box and we will send you a CDO license number.

Bonus tubes will be emailed manually as always!!!

Thanks so much for your patience during this rebuild!!!

DECEMBER Bonus Tubes

Spend 10.00 (after any discounts) on any tubes from that specific artist you are wanting the bonus tube of and we will send you their free December bonus tube via email! (IB kits do not count towards the bonus tubes)

Daniel Esparza Dec Bonus tubeSilas Bliss Dec Bonus tubeSally Gilroy Dec bonus tube

PinUp Toons Dec BonusLorenzoSperlonga Dec Bonus tubeColourbelle Dec Bonus

Ken Morton Dec BonusSheena Pike Dec Bonus tubeMaryline Cazenave Dec Bonus

Marika Dec BonusAlessiaC Deb BonudHoward Robinson Dec Bonus

Bell Dec Bonus Enamorte Sarah Richter

      Anna Liwanag